An Easy Guide to Write a Strong Personal Statement

personal statement

A personal statement can be a powerful tool when applying to college. It's your opportunity to share your story and show the admissions committee why you are unique and why you deserve a spot in their school.

However, writing a personal statement can be difficult - especially if you don't know where to start. That's why we're here to help!

In this post, we'll share some tips on how to write a powerful personal statement for Masters that will impress the admissions committee. So read on for helpful advice on how to create an essay that will make you stand out from the crowd!

What is a Personal Statement?

It is a personal statement that details the skills, accomplishments and goals of an applicant. It gives insight into their life experiences which will help potential employers or colleges understand them better.

In this, the candidate tells about their specialties and why they are interested in attending the specific college.

In this, you will discuss your professional and academic achievements and goals for pursuing an educational career. It needs to be written honestly and concisely.

A personal statement allows the candidate to prove their skills and what makes them better than the others of the same field.

It is written to promote the skills of the applicant; it narrates how the candidate is best suitable for the position. Therefore, it needs to have the complete details of the applicant.

Types of a Personal Statement

The following are the types of personal statements that can be written for various types of applicants. The most common type of personal statements are:

  • Personal Statement for college
  • Personal Statement for resume
  • Personal Statement for university
  • Personal Statement for scholarship

All of these personal statements are written in the same format and structure.

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Personal Statement Format

Personal statements are also properly formatted like other kinds of academic papers. Follow the next given easy format to write a convincing personal statement to secure a good job:

  • Write an attention-grabbing introduction in the opening paragraph of the essay so that it impresses the college committee and allows them to read your essay further.
  • Tell about your previous academic degrees, skills and job experience in the body paragraphs of the personal statement essay. Answer these specific questions in the body section of the essay:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you want to be?
    • What kind of contribution do you want to make and how will you make it?
    • Why is it important for you to get admission to college?
  • Give a conclusion paragraph containing all the imp[ortant points of your personal statement.
  • Personal statements are written concisely so a typical one ranges between 450-500 words. The character limit should be between 3800 to 4000.
  • Use 12pt font, Times New Roman, also include header and the page number.
  • Use single line spacing and one extra line that distinguishes one paragraph from the other.

Follow the above-mentioned format to write an excellent personal statement and get your dream job!

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How to Write a Personal Statement?

Follow these steps to write an engaging personal statement and impress the college admission committee:

  • 1. Writing a Personal Introduction

    If you are applying for a course or job position, your first step should always be to write an interesting and engaging introduction. This way, the employer will get drawn into reading more about who you really want as part of their team!

    Highlight all of your strengths, and write about your experience and skills that are related to the main topic. Write an impressive profile to show employers that you are competent.

    To get started, you should provide enough information about yourself and then find a unique angle or hook that will grab the reader's attention. It’s also important to remember your audience when writing so as not only do they understand what message is being conveyed but in an engaging tone too.

    When writing a personal statement for a college application, describe how the degree matches your passion. In addition to this, you can also discuss the general features of that college that fascinates you.

    If you're looking for a new opportunity, start by listing the qualities that make up your strengths. Then build sentences around these traits and how they can benefit the employers you are writing for.

  • 2. Drafting the Main Body

    In your statement, you should talk about what makes you the perfect candidate for this job or course. Talk in terms of skills and interests that are related to how well they align with the requirements needed in an application process.

    Writing with professionalism and avoiding controversial subjects is important when you are writing the main body of your personal statement.

    Mentioning any religious or political issues will only distract from what we're trying to say about our argument, so make sure that doesn't happen!

    Include the following elements in the body of your essay:

    • Mention Your Accomplishments and Experience

      Mention your academic degrees, certificates, awards and other achievements that are related to the job role or course. Your accomplishments and experience will show that you are suitable for the job for the academic degree.

    • Present Your Relevant Skills

      The college looks for a candidate who can think critically, communicate effectively and work well in groups. In addition, they desire someone with the necessary academic skills, such as critical thinking abilities, effective speaking/listening techniques etc, which you need to acknowledge through your personal essay.

    • Tell about Your Contributions to the Institution

      You will talk about how you are the best fit for the specific course degree. Also, tell why you want to learn the particular skills. Moreover, describe how you will be beneficial for the college.

    • Provide Your Future Career Goals

      Discuss how the degree will help you achieve your future goals. Help the admission committee or the employer understand that you really want to get admitted.

      Before writing a personal statement, research about the college. Note how the college is better than the other colleges.

  • 3. Write a Strong Conclusion

    Your statement essay should clearly convey why you want to attend this particular college and what makes it special. It's important for admission officers to know that their decision will be the right one, so try not to leave any room for doubt in their minds.

    Discuss the following elements in the conclusion paragraphs of your personal statement:

    • Extension of Your Goals

      You will describe that by taking admission in the college, you will move closer to your academic goal. Discuss your short & long-term goals. Also, talk about what are your expectations from the college and where you see yourself at the end of the degree.

    • Summarize Your Personal Statement

      Give a brief summary of all the important points of the personal statement. Do not forget to mention that your experience and achievements will contribute to the institution’s worth.

    • Review and Link Back to your Introduction

      Make a connection between the introduction and the conclusion of the essay. Narrate what is the most interesting part of the course that fascinates you for taking admission in the college.

      Conclude your essay with enthusiastic views for the opportunity. It will help the admission committee understand that you’re eager to be admitted to their college.

      When writing a personal statement for a job, you can conclude the last paragraph even in a single sentence.

  • 4. Edit and Proofread

    Once you are done with the writing process, you will edit and proofread your essay to check out the following important things:

    • Spellings
    • Grammar
    • Easy language
    • Engaging tone
    • Passive voice

    Ask a colleague or friend to read your personal statement. Their honest feedback can help you make your personal statement perfect.

    Check out the template and examples to write the best personal statement to get enrolled in your favorite high school or grad school.

    Personal Statement Examples

    Personal Statement Examples

    Personal Statement Template

    Personal Statement Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I put my name on my personal statement?

In case there are no guidelines provided by the university or the employers, then you can write a personal statement as the topic, your name, department name, university or college name on your personal statement.