How to Write a Bio About Yourself for Work

how to write a bio

Ever had to write a bio for yourself or someone else and didn't know where to start? It’s not difficult to write a good bio for your professional and social media accounts. By learning a few tactics you can write the best bios.

In this post, we'll provide some tips on how to write an interesting bio, with examples from famous people. So whether you're starting from scratch or just need a refresher, keep reading for some helpful advice and learn how to write a short bio!

How to Write a Bio

When most people think about an online bio, they probably can name a few common examples. Twitter and Instagram both have space for short descriptions that tell who you are and what your job entails; Facebook also requires some sort of introduction to get things started.

The most important thing about you is what’s in your social media bio. Keep it short, sweet and only contain personal information that a stranger needs to know!

Include the following in the bio of your profile:

  • Write your full anime
  • Your current job role
  • Your long-term goals
  • Your greatest achievements in life

When writing a bio to send to an international firm or a potential employer, make sure that you read your bio properly to make it error-free.

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How to Write a Bio in a Professional Way?

LinkedIn and Twitter bios are often one paragraph long and cover your current role, professional aspirations or biggest achievements.

Most social media accounts format allows for up to three sentences per line with 20 words maximum in order not only summarize who you are but also to showcase what makes you special too!

However, you need to add many details in the professional profile like a CV or a resume when applying for a job:

Add these details in your profile when writing for professional purposes:

  • First, write your full name
  • Your current job title
  • If you have any personal brand or company, write about it
  • Your inspirations and goals in life
  • Your top achievements
  • One positive aspect about your personality

Try to show a positive attitude, your strength and capability to deal with challenges in professional bios.

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How to Write a Bio for a Professional Website?

When you first start out on the internet, it can feel like there’s no end to all of your online identity questions. What's my name? What are some good sentences for describing myself that don't sound too repetitive or boring?

Personal websites are often dry, boring or just not very interesting. You've already created the whole website about yourself so it can be difficult to write that final description of who you are and what your site is all about!

You don't need to be complicated, just list your professional accomplishments and give context on why they're important. This is an open space so you have room for all sorts of things.

Discuss what you do after your 9-5 job. For example, talk about your passions and hobbies. Also, write your email address, phone number and other sources to contact for your readers, collaborator and business investors. Write a short call-to-action in the end of the bio paragraph.

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How to Write a Bio-Template

You might find yourself feeling stuck after reading about different types of bios, but don't worry! Here is a professional bio template for making your professional bio on most of the sites:

  • First & Last Name: Begin by writing your complete name and we hope this is not too difficult.
  • Brand or Company Name: Whether you're the CEO of your own consulting firm or an operations manager for a major company, it's important to list everything that goes into making up who YOU are.
  • Your Current Status: Write about what you do for a living? What type of job you’re doing right now.
  • Your Qualities: Listing your overall goal, values or a statement that describes the kind of person you are will help people reading about yourself get to know who they're dealing with. Even in short bios!
  • Your Accomplishments - The Best 3:The best way to make your professional bio stand out is by choosing two or three accomplishments that are particularly impressive.
  • Informal Closing Sentence (Optional): Write about the activities that you take part in after your working hours.
  • Your Contact Details for People: You can also include an email address or contact form in the bio so people know how they should get in touch with you. This information goes at the end of your profile page after all other details have been listed.

You can add humor to your bio so that people can get more interest in knowing you when reading your bio.

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Examples of Professional Bios

Here are some examples of professional bios that will help you write a bio for your profiles:

How to Write a Bio on Instagram

(Credit: Oberlo )

How to Write a Bio for Upwork

(Credit: YourGreenGrassProject )

Here is an example for a bio of an author in a book:

How to Write a Bio for a Book

With a career spanning decades, Dr. Benjamin Carson has witnessed the transformation of medicine from an art to science-based profession—and he's one its most notable figures today! He holds four doctorates including his prestigious degree in neurosurgery which made him capable enough for many high profile surgeries.

He is a highly sought-after board member with extensive experience in leading both private and public companies.

He’s always been passionate about education and he wanted to do something that would help the next generation. That's when He began work on creating a fund, similar in nature as Theautismspeaks Fund but with one major difference- it focuses specifically on rewarding academic role models from all backgrounds who also demonstrate humanitarian qualities during their teaching careers!

The Ben and Candy family is a huge inspiration to many people. They have been married for over 30 years, raising three wonderful sons in the process who are now grown up with families of their own! candy loves reading books on theology while her husband enjoys spending time playing golf every day.

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4 Quick Tips for You to Write a Good Bio

If you find it difficult to write about yourself, don't worry! There are a few ways that will help keep your “bio” writing on point. Here are quick tips for you:

  • Stop Overthinking

    Though bios are usually formulaic, there is plenty you can do to make your bio stand out. Adding an unusual accomplishment or personality trait will help readers remember who are you.

    Do not waste time in making a killer bio. Just write down your key points as they are.

  • Feel Your Worth

    The best way to write a bio on social media is by staying true and not worrying about others. Some people might think that they are better than you, but your story has value! Aslo, talk about your side hustles.

  • Borrow Good Ideas

    Bio structures are often repetitive and tedious, but if you find one that sounds unique to your voice then borrowing it may be an option.

    You should never copy another person’s bio—their story is theirs alone! But as with any other writing assignment for students who need help getting started replicating the structure can sometimes work well.

  • Take Help from Experts to write a Professional Bio

    You can contact the experts in case you need help writing your bio you can take help from the professional writers of They have qualified and highly-educated people who will help write a personal bio.

    Reach us to take expert writing help of every kind and make your written documents & bios fabulous!

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

What should be in a 3 sentence bio?

Simply write who you’re as a person, write a few of your positive and negative points and at the end encourage readers to know more about you.