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Writing a research paper or a research proposal is one of the most challenging tasks that students have to perform in their academic careers. However, a more challenging task is to choose the right topic for a research paper. Some students get multiple options from their professors or teachers, while others have to explore the research paper topics on their own.

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We have provided some of the best and most unique research paper topics in this blog to ease your process of finding a great research paper topic.

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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence
  • Are strict parents responsible for the onset of depression in their teenage children?
  • Cell phones have disrupted the social life of people
  • Drawbacks of technology
  • Is technology worsening the lives of youngsters?
  • Is excessive homework putting a burden on students’ social life?
  • Technology and obesity: What is the connection?
  • Child labor must be banned
  • Should “work from home” be an option for the employees?
  • Should begging on the streets be banned?
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Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • Genetically modified organisms: Pros and cons
  • Hunting of exotic species must be banned.
  • Should testing products on animals be considered an immoral act?
  • News channels are involved in spreading fake news, agreed?
  • Hospitals should ban euthanasia.
  • Should women be given a 1-year “work from home” opportunity after having a baby?
  • Cats are better pets than dogs. Is that true?
  • People are faking their lifestyles on social media, agreed?
  • Habits cannot be learned over time, agreed?
  • Gender equality must be ensured in private organizations.
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Controversial Topics for Research Paper

  • Human cloning: Pros and Cons
  • Allopathy is nothing more than a placebo effect, agreed?
  • Should trans women wrestlers be competing against men or women?
  • Does black magic transform peoples’ lives?
  • Should homosexuality be legalized all around the world?
  • Beauty standards in the 21st century
  • Do all religions prevent discrimination?
  • Should sex education be taught in schools?
  • Globalization and prevention of national cultures
  • Why have some countries banned the practice of homeopathy?
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Good Research Paper Topics for Students

When it comes to writing a research paper, the first step, i.e., choosing a topic, is one of the challenging steps students from different levels have to go through. Therefore, to ease your difficulty, below are some good research paper topics to help you choose a topic that interests you.

Research Paper Topics for High School Students

  • Students should not be forced to wear uniforms
  • What events lead to the onset of WWI?
  • Describe the significance of the industrial revolution
  • Discuss the jail system of China
  • Discuss the ways to eradicate poverty from underdeveloped countries
  • Do we even use math formulas in practical life?
  • Discuss the symptoms and causes of depression
  • Discuss the events that lead to the onset of WWII
  • Nuclear Power countries and their significance in the world
  • Power of social media in promoting businesses.

Research Paper Topics for College Students

  • Distance learning: Discuss the pros and cons
  • Students should not be forced to choose subjects
  • Physical punishments and their effects on students
  • Discuss the pros and cons of competition in a class
  • Teachers must promote healthy competition in class
  • Discuss the “keys” of success in life
  • Discuss the flawed education system in America
  • Drop-out students become billionaires. Is that true?
  • How can students manage planning for college tuition fees?
  • Discuss the importance of a degree in your professional life.

Research Paper Topics on Education

  • The advantages of selecting a particular topic for your essay
  • Need of grades in the education system of 2021
  • The need for character development programs in elementary schools
  • The concept of play-based learning in schools
  • The benefits of writing services for students, and how do they help them write a research paper?
  • How do good research topics help you write a good research paper?
  • Does preschool training prepare children for social interactions?
  • How can we educate students to help them choose the best research paper topic?
  • How do religious beliefs affect the education system?
  • How can students learn to write a great thesis?

Simple and Easy Research Paper Topics

  • Is it ethical to oppress a woman?
  • Discuss the factors behind global warming
  • How should we protect the ozone layer?
  • Should plastics be completely banned?
  • It is significant to have cultural diversity in a team
  • Is canned food detrimental to health?
  • Cosmetic surgeries: Pros and Corns
  • Do strict rules help in teaching manners?
  • Are men emotionally stronger than women?
  • Discuss the importance of vegetables in our diet.
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Interesting Research Paper Topics - Subject Wise

Below we have provided some of the best research paper topics related to different subjects.

Research Paper Topics for Business

  • Discuss the leadership styles of the 21st century
  • The Panama papers
  • How has COVID-19 affected small businesses?
  • Does social media play a vital role in promoting businesses?
  • Discuss the elements of the Islamic Banking System
  • Discuss the ways to boost the world’s economy after COVID-19
  • How did China become economically powerful?
  • Does cultural diversity in a team lead to a company’s success
  • How do promotions improve sales in a large-scale business
  • International trade and its restrictions?

Research Paper Topics for Economics

  • How do income changes affect consumer choices?
  • Internet connectivity and productivity of a workplace: What is the connection?
  • International trade and economic growth: How are they both related?
  • International economics vs. renewable energy
  • Discuss the differences between finance and economics
  • Neoclassical vs. real-world economic issues
  • The influence of the “gig economy” on the global economy
  • Online shopping and its influence on the economy of a country
  • Has bitcoin influenced microeconomics?
  • How is population growth influencing global economic growth?

Research Paper Topics for Architecture

  • The core elements in the airport’s design
  • Organic building form example in architecture
  • Collaborative design center for artisans and designers
  • The possible improvements in the transit system
  • The gaming areas and their structures
  • Use of renewable energy for heating and cooling systems
  • Analytical study of the design potentials in kinetic architecture
  • Application possibilities of biomaterials in architecture
  • Improving residential structures with the help of environmental technology trends
  • Low-cost housing.

Research Paper Topics for English Literature

  • William Shakespeare’s most important piece of writing
  • How did Laurence Sterne expose the artifacts of fiction?
  • The second renaissance of literature
  • How to learn a language quickly?
  • How has social media created a communication gap in families?
  • The role of comedy in literature work
  • Benefits of learning 2 languages in childhood
  • How has J.K. Rowling transformed the subject of English literature?
  • What is the influence of classics on English literature?
  • Politics and Religion throughout the ages of literature.

Research Paper Topics for Psychology

Here are some psychology research topics that might interest you:

  • How does amnesia damage brain activity?
  • Why do children who eat breakfast perform better at school?
  • Does mental health have a direct impact on obesity?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted the mental health of children and families?
  • Is visual learning better than acoustic learning?
  • Does separation between parents affect the mental health of children?
  • How do pets impact the life of children?
  • Major factors behind the sociopathic behavior in high school students
  • Environmental factors that play their role in triggering depression
  • What are the types of dementia and their associated symptoms?

Research Paper Topics for Finance

  • Advantages and disadvantages of advanced mobile banking technology
  • Cash management process in international banks
  • Covid-19’s effect on investments and finance
  • Which year has faced the worst financial crises and why?
  • Is internet banking safe to use?
  • Analyzing the financial statements of MasterCard and VISA
  • Electronic banking’s impact on customer satisfaction
  • Contemporary distribution channels and their related risks
  • The partnership between private and public business sectors in the United States
  • Islamic banking and finance.

Research Paper Topics for Computer Science

  • Data mining implementation on cloud services
  • The evolution of search algorithms
  • Assurance in computer information and security
  • Novel emerging technologies in the field of computer science
  • Mobile application development
  • Neural network usage for personality recognition
  • Advancements of computer science in the 21st century
  • Automated workplace development
  • Managing food purchases by an automated system
  • Developing a taxi service website.

Research Paper Topics for Sports

  • Should animals be used in sports?
  • Discuss the extreme sports in the world
  • How do sports boost a country’s economy?
  • Sports must be made compulsory as a course in colleges
  • Should consumption of steroids be prohibited for athletes?
  • Video games vs. outdoor sports: Pros and Cons
  • What are the pros and cons of wrestling?
  • Physical exercise and its importance in schools
  • The importance of the sports industry in a country
  • Discuss the healthy lifestyle of athletes.

Research Paper Topics on Medical and Healthcare

  • How does a low carbohydrate diet helps people to lose weight?
  • How has IT influenced the field of biomedicine?
  • What is the role of placebo in treating patients?
  • The structure and functioning of Coronavirus
  • Can fat consumption help people lose weight?
  • Postpartum depression and its risks
  • Effects of nanobiotechnology on our environment and health
  • Effects of cannabis oil on the patient suffering from 4th stage cancer
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma and the detection of its biomarkers
  • Causes of premature birth and the risks associated with it.

American History Research Paper Topics

  • The cultural legacy of Native Americans.
  • Discuss the involvement of America in the Korean War
  • The lifestyle of people in the 19th century
  • Why was the declaration of Independence signed?
  • Discuss the Origins of the Civil Rights Movement
  • What was the Interwar Period?
  • What was the 19th century’s industrial revolution in the United States?
  • Revolutions of 1848
  • Impact of American Indians on the expansion of the US
  • Life of women in 19th century.
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How to Choose Your Research Paper Topic?

The initial stage of writing a research paper is to choose a research paper topic. Choosing the right research paper topic is one of the challenging tasks for a student. Therefore, we have provided you with several topics to write a research paper on. In addition, you can take research topic ideas from different subjects.

Consider the following areas while choosing the best research paper topic:

  • Your Interest: Writing a research paper will consume a lot of your time and energy. Make sure that you choose a topic that you are actually excited about. Do not choose a topic that does not interest you or is not relevant to your field of study. Otherwise, you will not produce a good piece of writing.
  • Your Experience: Choose a topic related to your field of study, or have professional experience working with. This will help you in research and reduce the amount of effort you will be putting into the research.
  • Available Information on the Topic: Select a topic that has adequate sources available to help you compile a research paper. Choosing a novel topic is a good idea, however, you won’t find enough information to help you write a research paper.
  • Your Audience: Never ignore the interest of your audience while choosing a research paper topic. Check whether the chosen topic interests your reader or is related to their field of study. For example, while writing a persuasive or argumentative essay, make sure you are aware of their viewpoints on the subject matter.

Once you have chosen a topic, you start researching it and develop a research question. The newly gained information might make you revise your thesis statement. This is absolutely fine, as you might change your content as you begin researching in detail. Hopefully, the given list of topics must have helped you choose the right topic for your research paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a research topic?

A research topic is an issue or a subject that a researcher will be finding information about. Choosing a well-defined research topic helps you write a great research paper.