Persuasive Speech Topics for College & More - 2022 Ideas

persuasive speech topics

What is a good persuasive speech topic for college?

In simple terms, a good persuasive speech topic must persuade the audience. Persuasive speech is a type of communication in which the goal is to persuade people to accept one's point of view.

Therefore, it is important that you choose a good topic for your speech. This blog has several persuasive speech topics lists to help you get started.

Persuasive speeches, like all other types of public speaking, are structured in such a manner that the audience is exposed to distinct points at various times. The ultimate goal is for the people to comprehend what the speaker has to say and agree with it to some degree.

Read the blog to get impressive and trending topic ideas for your next persuasive speech.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

Here are some impressive and good persuasive speech topics for students at different academic levels;

Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

Here are some easy persuasive speech topics for kids;

  • School should start later in the morning.
  • There should be no homework.
  • Recess should be longer.
  • Healthier lunch options should be available at school.
  • We should have more holidays.
  • There should be less testing.
  • Classes should be shorter.
  • Field trips should be more frequent.
  • The internet should be filtered in schools.
  • We should have more arts and music classes.
  • Standardized tests should not be used to evaluate students or schools.
  • Textbooks should be replaced with tablets.
  • Physical education should be mandatory.
  • Foreign language learning should start in kindergarten.
  • Smoking and vaping should be banned in all public places.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Middle School

Following are the topic ideas for your middle school persuasive speech;

  • School uniforms should be mandatory in all schools.
  • Cell phones should be banned on both private and public school premises.
  • Social media is a bane for today's youth.
  • Grades are not an effective measure of one's intelligence or ability.
  • 'Zero hours' classes should be made compulsory in all schools.
  • Cyberbullying is a serious issue and should be dealt with strictly.
  • Dress codes in schools are necessary.
  • Examinations are not the only way to judge a student's performance.
  • Cheating in exams should be punishable by law.
  • Group studies are more beneficial than individual studies.
  • Schools should have a sport for every student to participate in.
  • Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want to school.
  • Schools are not effective in teaching students the basics they need to know.
  • The arts should be given more importance in schools than they currently are.
  • Students learn more through hands-on activities than through traditional teaching methods.

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

Looking for a good high school persuasive speech topic? Here are some ideas to choose from; each one is interesting and will grab your audience's attention.

  • The benefits of getting a good education.
  • The importance of staying in school.
  • Why is homework important?
  • How to get good grades in high school?
  • The importance of extracurricular activities.
  • How to manage time wisely in high school.
  • The college application process.
  • How to pick the right college for you?
  • The benefits of a gap year.
  • Should students be allowed to grade their own teachers?
  • Is social media ruining our lives?
  • Is technology making us lazier?
  • Cheating in high school.
  • How to deal with stress in high school?
  • Should students have to wear uniforms?

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Get good persuasive topic ideas for your college speech, here are some of them;

  • Should students be able to grade their teachers?
  • Should colleges increase their admissions standards?
  • Is cheating getting worse in college?
  • Should college students be allowed to drink in dorms?
  • Should athletes be paid less than other college students?
  • Are online classes as good as traditional classes?
  • Should there be stricter penalties for plagiarism?
  • Is the cost of college too high?
  • Should affirmative action be banned in college admissions?
  • Are fraternities and sororities beneficial to college students?
  • Should colleges do more to combat sexual assault on campus?
  • Are trigger warnings a good way to prevent shootings on campus?
  • Should colleges ban laptops in classes?
  • How important is the college experience?
  • What should be done to improve the college experience?

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Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens

Below are trending topics for teens;

  • The legal driving age should be raised.
  • Cell phone use while driving should be banned.
  • Teens should have to take necessary classes before they can get their driver’s license.
  • Curfews should be later on weekends.
  • Social media is doing more harm than good.
  • There should be stricter regulations on energy drinks.
  • The voting age should be lowered to 16.
  • The drinking age should be lowered to 18.
  • High school students should not have to pay for their education.
  • There should be more after-school programs.
  • Teens should not be allowed to buy violent video games.
  • Bullying should be taken more seriously.
  • Body shaming should be considered a form of bullying.
  • Clothing companies should not be promoting unhealthy body images.
  • There is too much pressure on teens to be perfect.

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Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

Read on to get top ideas and topics;

  • Should the government have the right to censor what we watch and listen to?
  • Should schools ban bullying?
  • Should obese people have to pay for two plane tickets?
  • Should there be a curfew for teens?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered?
  • Should parents be held responsible for their children’s actions?
  • Should we forgive student loan debt?
  • Should the estate tax be repealed?
  • Should we end the war on drugs?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should guns be outlawed?
  • Should people have to pass a citizenship test in order to vote?
  • Should we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels?
  • Should we make English the official language of the United States?
  • Should we raise the minimum wage?

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Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Some good persuasive speech topics to consider include the following ideas:

  • The importance of voting.
  • The benefits of going to college.
  • Climate change: What can we do to prevent it?
  • How to reduce stress in your life?
  • Obesity in America: What are the causes and solutions?
  • Gun control: Why do we need stricter laws?
  • The dangers of texting and driving.
  • Animal testing: Is it necessary?
  • The benefits of a vegetarian diet.
  • Raising the minimum wage: Is it the right thing to do?
  • The importance of recycling.
  • Why is science important in our lives?
  • The dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Digital privacy: How much should we share online?
  • Cell phone addiction: What are the risks?

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Best Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are the best and most debatable persuasive speech topics for your next speech;

  • The benefits of legalizing marijuana.
  • The death penalty: is it effective?
  • The use of animals in scientific research: is it justified?
  • Gun control: does the US need more or less regulation?
  • College tuition fees: are they too high?
  • Vaccinations: Are they necessary?
  • The right to bear arms: is it outdated?
  • Social media: is it good for society?
  • Climate change: is it real?
  • Transgender rights: should they be protected?
  • Minimum wage: is it fair?
  • Black Lives Matter - Is this movement necessary?
  • American imperialism: is it a problem?
  • Feminism: is it still relevant?
  • Is capitalism the best economic system?

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are funny persuasive speech topics that you can use:

  • The world would be a better place if everyone watched more cat videos.
  • Chocolate is the best food group.
  • Everyone should have a pet llama.
  • Pizza is the most important meal of the day.
  • We should all wear pajamas to work.
  • The best way to relax is by taking a nap.
  • Going to the beach is the best way to spend a weekend.
  • Sleeping in is the best way to start the day.
  • Watermelon is the best fruit.
  • Life would be better if we all just stayed in bed all day.
  • Pizza should be a vegetable.
  • We should all get paid to do nothing.
  • Chocolate milk is the best drink.
  • Ice cream is the best food.
  • Everyone should have a pet unicorn.

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Public Speaking Persuasive Essay

Here are some good persuasive speech topics for public speaking;

  • The benefits of public speaking
  • The importance of practice when giving a speech
  • How to overcome nerves when speaking in public
  • Using visual aids to enhance your speech
  • Tips for effective delivery when speaking in public
  • How to create a powerful and memorable opening for your speech
  • How to keep your audience engaged throughout your speech
  • The importance of using storytelling in speeches
  • How to use humor and satire in your speeches
  • The power of persuasion in public speaking
  • Handling difficult questions from the audience
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Tips for improving your body language when speaking in public
  • How to use your voice effectively when giving a speech
  • The art of effective public speaking

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Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

Controversial topics make great speech topics. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Is monogamy something that comes naturally to us?
  • Is divorce harmful to children?
  • Is it legal for coworkers to date?
  • Should people date individuals who are much older than they are?
  • Is there a need for romance in order to be happy in your marriage?
  • Is it better to avoid or encourage arguments in a relationship?
  • Is there a difference between what men and women can contribute to a relationship?
  • Is it acceptable to keep things from your spouse?
  • Is it worth it to maintain a long-distance relationship?
  • Is it sinful to have a live-in relationship?
  • Is internet dating a blessing or a curse?
  • Is homosexuality a natural occurrence?
  • Is same-sex marriage to be prohibited?
  • Is it legal for LGBTQ individuals to adopt children?
  • Genetically Modified Foods - Ethical or not?

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Persuasive Speech Topics About Mental Health

Mental health is important. Here are some trending topics about it;

  • Is psychology an actual science?
  • Is depression a recognized illness?
  • Is prescription medicine really beneficial?
  • Is ADHD a genuine mental illness?
  • Is drug addiction a mental illness?
  • Is mental illness considered the same as a physical disease?
  • Is it legal for psychologists to prescribe medicine?
  • Is racism inherent in all human beings?
  • Is it right to “treat" homosexuality?
  • Is it possible to become addicted to social media?
  • How does birth control medication affect a woman’s health?
  • Is substance abuse harmful to one's mental health?
  • Is it possible that video games cause people to act violently?
  • Is it true that intelligence is passed from parent to child?
  • Mental health in the digital age.

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Persuasive Speech Topics for Sports

Looking for new sports topics? Here are some topics to help you get started;

  • Is it possible to consider some musical ensembles, such as marching band and show choir, a sport?
  • Do you believe that cities should have a bike-sharing system?
  • Should university athletes be compensated for their efforts?
  • What is the best course of action if a player tests positive for a banned substance?
  • Funding for high school football programs should be reduced.
  • Sports for women should be given the same amount of attention by the media.
  • Is it necessary for professional athletes to pass any sort of drug test?
  • Is it ethical to pay athletes less?
  • Is it true that school athletes should be required to take drug tests?
  • It's not about winning, but doing your best.
  • Is it acceptable for women to compete against men in sports?
  • Female athletes should be paid equally as male athletes.
  • Is it possible for a transgender individual who previously identified as male to participate in women's sports?
  • Is it true that the Olympics do more harm than good for the cities where they are held?
  • Is it possible that professional sports are too dangerous to the health of athletes?

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Informative Persuasive Speech Topics

These informative topics will help you prepare a great persuasive speech;

  • Libraries will eventually be destroyed by search engines such as Google and others.
  • Ensure that you backup your computer files at least once a day.
  • What kind of impact will new technologies have on our society?
  • It is preferable to print photographs than to store them on a computer.
  • Do you think internet censorship is a bad idea?
  • Is it possible to use nuclear power?
  • What will the impact of technology be on our lives?
  • Deaf individuals who use the internet to communicate with one another could potentially be freer from their social isolation.
  • Is there a difference between how much screen time kids and adults should have?
  • Why should the government be in charge of the technology?
  • People are becoming less creative as a result of technological progress.
  • Technology has improved our quality of life.
  • Why do Microsoft Word and other Office applications need to be free?
  • You may not want to purchase an iPhone for a variety of reasons.
  • The anti-piracy software is ineffective.

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Persuasive Environmental Speech Topics

Need a good topic for your speech? Here are some speech ideas for you;

  • Should there be additional measures in place to safeguard threatened species?
  • Is it true that only native plants should be cultivated in gardens?
  • More people should use public transportation than driving cars themselves.
  • Should the United States limit the exploitation of natural resources?
  • What effect does pollution have on everyone?
  • We should use algae to produce oil, rather than drilling.
  • Is it time to ban hydraulic fracturing?
  • Why should you avoid using disposable diapers?
  • Hybrids are more environmentally friendly than non-hybrid automobiles.
  • We should keep our community in a healthy state.
  • What are the ethical implications of extending rights to animals?
  • Is it right to think of animals as individuals?
  • What are the major causes of global warming?
  • How does renewable energy help nature?
  • Is it ethical to keep exotic animals as pets?

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Choose a topic from the given list and prepare a winning speech;

  • Beauty standards are always changing.
  • The death of Princess Diana had a significant influence on the world.
  • The use of energy drinks is hazardous.
  • The school day should be less sedentary and more active.
  • For individuals under the age of 25, there should be no credit cards.
  • Conflicts are required in healthy relationships.
  • Medical insurance is a must-have for everyone.
  • Tooth whitening is something no one can control.
  • In the future, there will be no more plane crashes.
  • More apprentices should be hired.
  • Is art's value subjectively determined?
  • Is it acceptable to censor explicit art?
  • Who is it that determines what art is?
  • Is it possible for an artwork to have a meaning even if it doesn't?
  • Is contemporary art as wonderful as classic art?

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

Looking for a unique topic for your persuasive speech? Here are some ideas;

  • Seniors are unable to adopt children.
  • Ads for fast-food restaurants, for example, are not works of art.
  • Allow students to use social media at school.
  • Cash will no longer be available.
  • Music has the ability to heal people's emotions.
  • It is necessary to preserve old structures.
  • There should be a limit of one vehicle per family.
  • Only people who are at least 25 years old should be allowed to marry.
  • Homeschoolers who want their kids to be tested should have to go through pre-tests.
  • The Bermuda Triangle is a real place.
  • Hyperactive children do not respond well to medication.
  • It is conceivable to live a completely digital life.
  • It's impossible to teach leadership.
  • Sunday is not an ideal day to open a business.
  • Children's behavior is influenced by the phases of the moon.

Picking a topic could be difficult. To help you, we have added some trending and good persuasive speech topics for your help. Choose a topic and start writing your speech today. You can also check out the persuasive speech examples to learn how you can address a persuasive speech topic better.