A Detailed Writing Guide of the Personal Statement Format

personal statement format

The personal statement is an excellent chance to share more about yourself than just grades and test scores. It can be used as a platform for highlighting qualities that are missing from your application. For instance, leadership skills or community service projects completed outside of school hours.

The applicant finds this opportunity in their college applications or job applications. They will get the best view possible into what makes them unique and better than the other applicants.

You need to provide relevant information in the personal statement, plus it needs to be properly formatted. Plan what to discuss in your essay and how you’ll present yourself better than the other candidates.

Read the blog and get to know the correct format to write a personal statement.

Important Elements of Personal Statement Format

The personal statement is an opportunity to show off your passion, skills & experience. A personal statement is an essential part of the application process. It gives potential employers or colleges insight into who you are and what makes your life worth living. And why they should hire/accept you for the position/ degree.

In this type of essay, the candidate shares their interest in attending college. The essay tells why the student is perfect for the position/degree.

You are encouraged to share your background and goals for pursuing an educational career in the statement. It should be written honestly but concisely, so it's easy to read.

You want this document to be interesting and engaging. It's going to play an important role in describing that you're the best fit for the school.

However, you need to follow a proper format to write a personal statement that attracts the employers or the admission committee.

Take care of the following elements when formatting a personal statement:

  • Font Type: Use Cambria, Arial or Times New Roman font.
  • Font Size: Use 12 pt size of the font.
  • Word Limit: The word count of the statement is between 450-500, no matter what the kind of statement.
  • Paragraphs: At least write 5 paragraphs in the essay. A typical personal statement contains 5-8 paragraphs.
  • Page Number: Always write the page number on your essay.
  • Contact Information: The name and contact information of the applicant is written on the top of the cover letter.
  • Paragraph Spacing: Use single-spacing for the paragraphs.
  • Page Margin: 1” margin should be left around all sides of the page.
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How to Format a Personal Statement?

Your college application is more than just telling schools what you know. It's also an opportunity to show off your skills and creativity. Your personal statement should be creative.

Stay focused on the important points. They will tell who you are as a person outside of academic achievements or extracurricular activities.

Your personal statement format needs to be correct. Otherwise, the law school, medical school, business school or any other institution won’t accept it.

The personal statement is an important part of your college application. You should know how to make it strong with good content that will appeal to the college admission board.

The following sections are the essential part of a personal statement format:

  • 1. Introduction

    With the introduction, you need to get the reader's attention. Start with something interesting and creative so they will continue reading.

    When applying for a college, the introduction of your personal statement will contain:

    • Why are you applying to college?
    • Why are you pursuing the specific degree/course?
    • Discuss how and what parts of the degree align with your interests/ passions.

    Similarly, when you apply for any job, keep the following elements in the introduction part of your personal statement essay:

    • Why are you applying for the job?
    • How are you best fit for the specific position/job?
    • What are your specialties/skills?

    Make the above-mentioned elements the part of your essay. Write an impressive introduction to keep the admission committee engaged in reading your essay.

  • 2. Body Paragraphs

    Your emphasis needs to be on elaborating your skills, experiences and previous academic degrees in the body paragraphs of the statement. Write attention-grabbing body paragraphs for your statement:

    • Discuss your experience and achievements.
    • Talk about the skills you learned in academic life.
    • Describe your eagerness to learn new skills.
    • Elaborate how the course you’re applying for, will help you achieve your career goals.
    • Narrate your short-term & long-term goals.

    You can write excellent personal statements by writing the above-given elements in the body paragraphs.

  • 3. Conclusion

    The final section of your statement should be a strong and persuasive conclusion. In this part, you need to ask the reader for their action. They will accept or deny you on the basis of what they just read in your personal statement.

    Include the following points to write a good conclusion for your statement:

    • Give a brief summary of all important points of the statement.
    • Relate the conclusion to the introduction of the statement.
    • Tell what are your expectations related to learning from the academic degree.

    When writing a conclusion for the personal statement of a job application, you can conclude your essay in a single line.

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Personal Statement Format Examples

It can be difficult to write your own personal statement. But with some practice and understanding of what makes a good one, you will find it easier. The examples below will help you understand to structure statements for different purposes:

Personal Statement Format Template

Knowing the format is important to write any kind of essay. Learn the format to write a personal statement from this template and write one to get admission in your favorite university.

Personal Statement Format Template

Personal Statement Format Template

Personal Statement Format For University

You know that the university statement is an important part of your application. You have to prove you are qualified and worthy of college with this essay.

When writing it, be careful because there will be questions asked about specific things in depth. So make sure all details are written in the statement.

Don't forget who inspired or motivated you most, even if they're not alive anymore. Take help from this statement format and write one like this.

Personal Statement Format for University

Personal Statement Format for University

Personal Statement Format For Grad School

High school students often worry about writing the perfect personal statement. With some great writing and following the proper format, they can easily produce an impressive graduate school application.

Have a look at this example format for a statement and write one using the same format.

Personal Statement Format for Grad School

Personal Statement Format for Grad School

Personal Statement Format For Masters

What is the best way to get into a university or college? With an excellent statement! Your first step should be writing down all of your qualifications and talents. Then go through them one by one until you feel like they're well-written.

Write a few sentences for each of your passions or skills. Also, talk about your favorite extracurricular activities. Be honest but also prove yourself well-rounded.

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Personal Statement Format For College

The admissions officers are interested in your genuine voice as you describe what makes you a suitable candidate for the program. The college wants to know how much time & effort they can expect from you. Therefore keep the essay concise and to the point!

Personal Statement Format for College

Personal Statement Format for College

Personal Statement Format For Scholarship

Scholarships are a great way to help pay your tuition and still maintain independence. There is a scholarship available for every academic field. Some require that you submit an essay with the application form as well.

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

Personal Statement Format for Scholarship

Therefore, checkout an example format to write a statement for a scholarship and get admission in your desired college.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put your name on your personal statement?

Yes, you will write your name on the cover letter of your personal statement. It is important to write your name because your essay will tell everything about you. It tells from the early education to the present life of the candidate.