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Essay writing is a crucial part of every student's life. But it isn't just about gathering information in order to make lists for your essay; You also have to follow some basic rules and format that will organize all this research into one place!

A standard format for essays is to follow the style of MLA, APA, and Chicago. The purpose of each one of these formats is that it'll help you better organize your information so people can understand what's being said more easily.

The article will teach you what an essay format is and the general guidelines for each type. These include high school essays and college papers. These can range from simple to more complex ones!

What is an Essay Format?

An essay format is a set of guidelines that decides how the elements of an essay should be arranged. The format guidelines cover structure, title, citations, and outline.

In essays, it is important that you pay attention to the structure of your paper. This includes making sure that there are citations in-text and a works cited page for references throughout each section with information about sources used when writing them.

For an engaging essay, you need to include citations according to your preferred citation style. You can find other people's ideas. You should put citations in your text and on the back of your research paper with information about sources if you use them.

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Basic Essay Outline

When writing an essay, it is important to outline the key points and structure of your paper beforehand. This way you can avoid having any loose ends or confusion that might arise in-procedure when conducting research for a particular topic area.

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A good introduction body will introduce the reader to all of the information in your essay.

The body paragraphs include discussion, analysis, and reasoning with examples from literature or personal experience.

Finally, the conclusion wraps up your argument while also providing some summary at the same time.

Let us discuss these essay parts in detail:

  • Introduction
  • Do you know how it's always a good idea to open with an essay introduction and provide some background information? Well, we want this for our paper as well!

    A strong thesis statement should close out each of your sentences so make sure that everything ties together nicely.

  • Body Section
  • In each body paragraph, provide the main arguments to support your thesis. Start with an interesting topic sentence that will catch readers' attention and then elaborate on their most important points discussed in this paragraph.

    The line of each paragraph must explain the idea discussed in the thesis statement.

  • Conclusion
  • In the conclusion paragraph, you should summarize the whole paper and restate your thesis statement. You can also give a call to action or ask people to think about this information.

    These are the major parts of any essay. Every essay must contain these necessary segments.

    A PDF sample of the basic essay format is also provided for your ease.

Essay Format Template (PDF)

Expository Essay Example

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Standard Essay Format Guidelines

Following are the standard essay guidelines that are must be followed while writing any essay:

  • The margin of all sides must be one inch.
  • It can be single or double spaced (as said by the instructor)
  • Font size should be 12 pt. And New Times Roman
  • The author’s last name and a short title must be written on the page header.
  • Heading and subheading styles may vary as instructed by a teacher.
  • The page number is added to the page header.
  • Half-inch indentation.
  • Take care of quotation marks or parenthetical citations where needed.

Now let us discuss the formatting guidelines when writing essays in APA format, MLA, or Chicago style.

MLA Style Essay Format Guidelines

For those who are not familiar with the MLA format, it's a type of text citation style that can be used in any field. MLA stands for Modern Language Association and there are some basic guidelines you must follow when crafting an essay using this method:

  • The font should be New Times Roman 12pt.
  • Double spacing throughout the paper and make sure there is no extra space between paragraphs.
  • One inch margin on all sides of the paper.
  • Last name and page numbers in the header of every page.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, write your name, instructor's name, class, and date.
  • An essay title should be centered.
  • For the indentation press tab.

List down the sources on the page entitled ‘Works Cited’.

MLA Format Example (PDF)

Expository Essay Example

A complete description of the MLA format guide is also available for your better understanding.

APA Style Essay Format Guidelines

The American Psychological Association is a style of formatting used in writing scientific papers. Students of social sciences use this format the most. The APA format has guidelines for how to write the paper so that readers do not get confused and put off by sidebars and other distracting elements.

Have a look at the guidelines here:

  • Text style and size should be Times New Roman 12pt.
  • Double spacing.
  • One-inch margin.
  • Include a shortened title (at the top left) and page number (at the top right) in the header of every page.
  • The title page should include the name of the author and institution affiliation, date, and the name of the instructor.
  • Citations are listed on the references page.

APA Format Example (PDF)

Expository Essay Example

Chicago Style Essay Format Guidelines

The Chicago style was developed to make sure papers were well-formatted and cited. The guidelines for the format are very strict, so it's important you use them properly, or else your paper will not be considered a success!

Here are the Chicago style guidelines to ace your papers:

  • One inch margin on all sides of the paper.
  • Double spacing everywhere.
  • Text style should be Times New Roman 12pt.
  • Include the last and page number in the header of every page.
  • Include the last and page number in the header of every page.
  • This format requires footnotes as well on the paraphrased or quoted passages.
  • The bibliography of the Chicago style format is quite similar to the MLA format. List the information in alphabetical order on the page entitled ‘Bibliography’.

Chicago Style Example (PDF)

Expository Essay Example

If you follow the guidelines in this blog, your paper will be well-formatted. To do this, you'll need to format it for any institution's format requirements. Once you've done that, make sure not to forget about making revisions by removing all mistakes made during inputting text into pages or lines with no spaces between words.

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