Free Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for Every Student

compare and contrast essay examples

There are many different types of essays, but the ones that most students struggle with is a compare and contrast essay. Not only do you have to compare both sides, but you also find a difference between them.

These essays can be difficult to write, but there are plenty of free examples online that students can refer to.

If you are looking for good compare and contrast essay examples, check out our blog. We've compiled great compare and contrast essay examples that every student has access to get help when they need it.

Free compare and contrast essay samples are available for every student to use. Let's start!

Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

To better understand the structure of your writing, you need to go through examples and samples. This will help ensure that everything comes out as planned so all readers can enjoy a beautifully crafted piece!

The following are examples of compare and contrast essays for different levels.

Compare And Contrast Essay Example for Middle School

A compare and contrast essay is an excellent way to assess the knowledge of students. Middle school compare and contrast essays are on the elementary level. The middle school compare and contrast essays follow the same basic essay outline.

At this level, students can learn about different subjects while also understanding their similarities and differences.

A good example of this type is given below:

Compare And Contrast Essay Example for High School

High school compare and contrast essays are different from college-level papers. They do not require that high level of logical analysis, but instead, they offer an opportunity for students to learn how better analyze and think creatively.

The best example of a high school compare and contrast essay is as follows:

Compare And Contrast Essay Example for College

The compare and contrast paper is a challenging task for college students. The main purpose of this type of paper, which focuses on logical comparisons between different aspects of life.

It can be difficult to write properly because there are so many factors that need attention when doing an effective point of comparison or contrasting process.

The students who don't have enough time to write an essay may get confused in this phase. And if you're looking for a good example of how your college paper should look, then we've got some great examples that will help!

The following example will surely assist you in drafting your own perfect paper!

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

How can I write a compare and contrast essay?

The first thing to do when you are given a compare and contrast essay is not to begin writing it right away.

A perfect compare and contrast essay depends on how well you plan ahead. If given the opportunity, it's often best to take some time before starting your paper so that everything can be organized clearly in mind for when inspiration strikes!

To write a successful compare and contrast essay, you must take the prewriting steps before writing. These include planning out what information will be included in each part of the comparison or contrast and outlining how they relate together at the end.

Brainstorm similarities and differences that are best for the comparison. To make the comparison of your ideas easy and straightforward, create a table or Venn Diagram that lists similarities followed by differences.

When writing any type of essay, an outline is essential to organizing your thoughts and keeping track of what you want to say.

Before you begin writing your essay, organize all of the information you've acquired into the parts below:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion


The introduction part of this essay contains an analysis and description of the objects, why they were chosen for study, and how it will be beneficial to readers.

Attention-grabbing hooks are an essential part of any good introduction. They should be interesting and captivating so that the reader can't help but stay tuned in to what you have to say next!

The essay should include a thesis statement to summarize the argument and provide context. The thesis statement is often found at the end of an introduction.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs should include 5-paragraphs. In these sections, the writer presents their evidence and analyzes how objects are similar to one another while remaining different in some regards as well.

The compare and contrast body paragraphs can be written in two methods.

  • Point by Point Structure: A good way to write about two different topics is by using this method, which lists similarities and differences.

Take a look at this perfect example of compare and contrast essay.

  • Block Method: The block method is a type of organizational writing style in which the writer organizes information. First, you need to define the first object details and then describe what's happening with the second object in relation.

Body Paragraph Outline Template

Here is the best body paragraph outline template for your help.


The conclusion for this type of essay should summarize and evaluate the entire paper. The goal, like with other types of papers, is to leave readers satisfied after finishing your work.

In this part, you need to restate the thesis statement and make it as impressive. In conclusion, do not add new ideas or information because it's the last thing that your audience reads! Try to make their experience as powerful and memorable as you can with these few sentences.

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