100+ Strong Argumentative Essay Topics by Professionals

argumentative essay topics

Choosing the right topic for your argumentative essay can be tricky. You want something that will engage your reader and make them think. Also, you need a topic that you're knowledgeable about and passionate about. That's why we've put together 100+ strong argumentative essay topics ideas that will provide great material for your next essay.

Whether you're writing about world peace or the death penalty, we've got something for you. These topics have been carefully selected by our team of professionals, so you can be sure they're high quality and engaging. Don't hesitate to get started – your next great essay awaits!

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for Kids

Here are some easy argumentative essay topics for kids that will help them argue their points of view loud and clear!

  • Is it necessary for public school students to wear uniforms?
  • Curfews: Do they keep kids out of trouble?
  • The best cartoons are Tom and Jerry.
  • Pets should be allowed in school.
  • The lunch break should last one hour.
  • Where does the rainbow come from?
  • Do boys have too much power?
  • Test scores are important to impress the teacher
  • The school day should be shorter.
  • Do vampires truly exist?

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Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Remember that you don't need to agree with your position to create a winning argument! But you must make solid, logical arguments backed up by trustworthy sources.

This is a list of the best argumentative essay topics for any student. Even if you disagree with your position, these ideas will surely capture the reader’s attention!

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Here are some great argumentative essays for 8th grade that will help middle schoolers to write an impressive paper.

  • Medical advances and first aid
  • The role of teachers in the development of children's personalities
  • Is it necessary to regulate children's access to phones and the internet?
  • A child's best friend should be his or her parents. In what ways is this statement correct?
  • Does nature play a part in our personality building?
  • Do you agree that boys and girls do not have equal opportunities?
  • Is dieting really good for body shape and weight?
  • Wars have resulted from religious conflicts.
  • Health-care facilities should be provided by the government.
  • Is giving homework helpful?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

The following list of argumentative essay topics for grade 10 will give you a great starting point when to write.

  • Obesity causes in the United States
  • Is globalization really a blessing?
  • Is it true that NCAA participation has a negative impact on academic performance?
  • Should forest destruction be made a crime?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Monarchy
  • Should violent video games be prohibited?
  • Are gym classes important?
  • Children act out or dramatize real-life situations.
  • Is fashion important?
  • Are the public school policies reasonable?

Argumentative Essay Topics College

The following list of argumentative essay topics for college students is guaranteed to engage your readers.

  • Is a college education beneficial?
  • College professors are paid far too much.
  • Not everyone is required to attend college.
  • Students in college should not live at home.
  • College is a means of earning money.
  • Young adults' use of social media should be limited.
  • Children should be allowed to create their own curriculum.
  • Real-world skills should be included in the college curriculum.
  • Students should be taught how to cultivate their own food.
  • Medical marijuana has been shown to have beneficial effects on a variety of diseases.

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Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Cinemas are losing popularity.
  • Social media posts shape political opinions.
  • Animal testing for cosmetics should be prohibited.
  • Hollywood is projecting the wrong images to today's youth.
  • Globalization provides excellent opportunities for students.
  • Planning for the future should be a part of everyone's education.
  • Hunting is now against all ethical standards.
  • It should be illegal to be apolitical.
  • Veterans should take a more active role in their jobs.
  • The global pandemic brought families closer together.

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Best Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The control of alcohol consumption.
  • Social media platforms are increasingly important in business communication.
  • Owners of YouTube channels should edit foul language in the comments.
  • Is it permissible for people to say hateful things because they have freedom of speech?
  • When it comes to news, Twitter outperforms Facebook.
  • Instagram's Influence on Today's Youth
  • Can competitive behavior cause problems in the long run?
  • Ignorance is a blessing. How far is it true?
  • Should criminals be given a second chance?
  • Marijuana use should be prohibited.

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Analyze whether gambling is a wise decision.
  • Discuss why famous actors have unique natural abilities.
  • Discuss the advantages of communism.
  • Should animals be used in research?
  • Should the comments on YouTube be moderated?
  • Is it time to abolish the death penalty?
  • Why is workplace dating inappropriate?
  • Why are overweight people less healthy?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of monarchy?
  • Why do we need human medical experiments?

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Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The problems associated with sports gambling
  • Women are still subjected to the glass ceiling effect.
  • Is technology causing people to turn into zombies?
  • Why is it so inconvenient when your computer freezes?
  • In schools, children should be taught about the dangers of smoking.
  • Colleges should provide financial assistance to student-athletes.
  • Is it true that obesity and hunger are both malnutrition issues?
  • Can drinking milk on a regular basis help to strengthen the bones?
  • Can we survive without the internet and cell phones?
  • Discuss the elements of tragedy and whether Shakespeare's tragedy comes close to capturing them.

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Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Video games: are they sports?
  • Are soccer players’ salaries unreasonably high?
  • Stereotypes that College athletes are witless
  • Creating a sports culture in schools
  • Allowing fights in hockey
  • Is there any difference between football and rugby?
  • Is it easier to win as a defense team?
  • Students should receive money for playing sports.
  • Bodybuilding is inappropriate for women.
  • Who was the most infamous draft bust ever?

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Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Having a pet helps us to stay mentally and physically fit.
  • Do teenagers regulate their emotions properly?
  • Is therapy beneficial in the long run?
  • Fad diets can help you lose weight quickly.
  • A good night's sleep is essential for good health.
  • Is it necessary to improve health policies?
  • Playing outside aids in the development of a child's immune system.
  • Bedtime stories are a dying art.
  • Psychologists should not discuss their patients' personal information.
  • The importance of hygiene in health cannot be overstated.

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Should the use of social media be restricted?
  • Is the world becoming more focused on material happiness since the advent of social media?
  • Social media, a place of great awareness
  • In the United States, social media is widely used.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit greatly from social media platforms.
  • Child abusers gain unwelcome access to Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of allowing children to use social media
  • The rise in drug and substance abuse is being fueled in part by social media.
  • People are making money from social networks, which have become an important part of people's lives.

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Tips to Come up With the Great Argumentative Topic

A great way to convince people of your point is through an argumentative paper. These essays argue for a particular position and use evidence from facts to make their cases strong enough to convince readers!

The following tips from expert writers will help you come up with a great topic to write an argumentative essay.

  • Your opinion is important, so choose something that you care about.
  • You'll have more success if you avoid difficult topics.
  • You should always think of your audience when choosing a topic for your essay. The goal is to ensure that they're interested in what you’re talking about.
  • Ensure that you have a good amount of evidence and facts to back up your arguments.
  • One way to ensure that you are communicating with a clear mind is by avoiding emotionally-charged topics. It can be difficult when discussing them, especially if your emotions get involved in the conversation.
  • Creative thinking requires taking some risks. You need to push the boundaries and try new things that others may avoid for fear of being judged.
  • Brainstorming your environment is a great way to find topics that were once off-the-table. Did any controversial happenings recently? If so, did you have an argument with someone over this issue? Why not cover it in the essay if it’s relevant!

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